70,000 More Tons

Hi everyone!

Big news abounds. First off, Road of the Lost has now been out for a month and people are finishing it up and the reviews are starting to come in. If you’ve finished the book, please head over to Amazon, Goodreads, iBooks, or wherever else you made your purchase and leave a review to let others know what you think.

Next up, we just returned from our annual trip to the Carribean for the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. Some big news came out of the cruise. Take a look at our photo below to see if you can spot what that news might be.


Wedding bells are ringing, my friends! I’m truly blessed to have such a supportive, wonderful, funny, smart, and beautiful woman in my life. I’m looking forward to the next few months of wedding planning and the many years together beyond that.

As for the cruise itself, it exists in my memory only as a blur of constant music and moving from one great show to the next. Usually, we take a break or two to enjoy the ship’s amenities, such as playing a round of mini-golf, fake-surfing on the flo-rider, and sitting down for dinner in the dining room. Not so this time. Besides our first meal aboard the ship, I don’t remember eating other than grabbing a slice of pizza from Sorento’s on a fly-by from one show to the next. There were a ton of great bands we’ve loved for years to see. There were a ton of bands we hadn’t heard of before they were announced for the cruise that we needed to see. There were bands we didn’t know existed until we got aboard that now we’re ravenously devouring their music.

Since most of my memory is a giant blur of one show to the next, getting engaged, and margaritas on the beach, let’s get to the good stuff: PICTURES!

I thought I listened to too much Sabaton before the cruise. After their amazing shows, we’ll need to add a few hours to the day so I can listen to them more!
Bergo the Travel Dragon enjoying a couple drinks by the pool on Grand Turk.
Ran into the guys from Evertale on our way to the pool deck. Great shows and some great power metal about Dragons and Space Marines alike.
I don’t think it’s possible to be in a bad mood while listening to Freedom Call.
Watched the sunrise while catching Canada’s Aeternam on the pool deck. An amazing show.
Been waiting for Seven Kingdoms to play the cruise for three years now. Great to see them! Wish I had pictures of Sabrina’s cheeseburger slippers.
Yours truly may or may not have been impersonating a certain famous queen of ice and snow. Necrophobic was one of the bands I had never listened to before the cruise and now I can’t wait for their new album.

Those are the highlights from this year’s cruise. It was an amazing time and thank you to all the great bands, crew, and fans that make it happen every year. I’m sad to be back to reality, but looking forward to honeymooning aboard next year! Now, let’s get back to some adventures in the Land of Nod!

From Jess and I, thank you all for all the congratulations and support for our engagement. We look forward to our lives together and the adventures to come.


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