Uncharted Worlds: Xeno Encounters

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Published by 13Thirty Books, October 2016


Uncharted Worlds—an exciting new speculative fiction series featuring bestselling and award-winning authors. These ten mind-boggling adventures include tales of ancient aliens, other worlds, and imagined futures. Join authors Michael A. Stackpole, Matthew Costello, F. Paul Wilson, Thomas F. Monteleone and others as they take you on a thrilling ride from the inner and outer edges of our universe and from the past to the future in: Uncharted Worlds—Xeno Encounters


“Zero hour. Corporal Ara has control,” Eri’s voice spoke into his ear.

Cir breathed in for a four count, held, and exhaled. His heart hammered in his chest. He had taken many important shots, ended dozens of lives, but none so important as this. With his right index finger, he would apply a few pounds of pressure to his rifle’s trigger and deliver these men and women from enslavement. He took another slow breath to counteract the chemicals flooding his bloodstream, chemicals more suited for the day’s earlier knife-fight than a single, well-placed shot. Then the alien in the control tower turned toward him and its chest fell neatly within the crosshairs of his weapon-sight. Cir pulled the trigger.

His rifle was equipped with a built-in suppressor to help conceal his position. The suppressor could not conceal the shot itself, however. The 10.8 mm round broke the sound barrier many times over, and a deafening snap flooded out all other noise for a fraction of a second.