DRAGON Aidan Russell is not a New York Times bestselling author, but he has written a few short stories for 13Thirty Books’ Never Fear anthologies alongside a few bestsellers. He also drinks Irish car-bombs faster than Tom Monteleone, a matter of historical fact. He is the author of Road of the Lost, the first book in his epic fantasy series, which will be available for pre-order in October 2017.

Aidan began the dream of writing his own harrowing tales of adventure and derring-do  as so many other fantasy authors before him had: by reading The Lord of the Rings and spending too many late nights with friends, pizza, and too much soda while rolling the dice to slay orcs, orks, and whatever other foul beasts imaginations could create.

Having completed several combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. Marine, Aidan’s stories always feature intense, vivid, and consuming action and conflict that is as much a revelation about the characters as it is a fight for survival.

Currently, he is working on a the final edits of Road of the Lost, polishing the second book in the series, finishing up the first draft of the third book, as well as working on a military thriller set in the Baltic States.

When not writing, Aidan enjoys rocking out to some good ol’ heavy metal, lifting weights, and skiing well above his skill level.